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I started this Tumblr account on the 5th of September with no clue about what to do. At first, I shared pictures I liked which I found from other parts of the Internet. Eventually, I got used to the mechanics of this microblogging platform and started following other people. I also learned what the “reblog” function was about.

This account started off as a personal account. I was never in it for the fame, and never will be. There wasn’t a fixed theme, I would post and reblog anything that tickled my fancy. It used to be mostly K-Pop groups I used to like, funny posts, encouraging words of wisdom and personal text posts.

During January 2012, I ended up on a reblogging spree of mainly vintage and pastel stuff because I was really into them at that point of my life. As the months went by, I noticed my follower account skyrocketing and thought nothing of it. By the middle of the same year, I reached 1k followers. With the numbers increasing, I was hyped, thinking about the possibility of more social interaction.

Alas, this was not exactly the case. While I met some wonderful individuals during my Tumblr journey, I had my fair share of bad apples too. I received lots of hate mail from strangers and I had to disable anonymity for asks at one point as it was getting worse. Many people did not like the fact that I tried to incorporate K-Pop idol photographs or random meme into my blog or posted tl;dr text posts, which used to be a thing I did right from the very beginning. They would message me voicing their dislike or simply unfollow me. Complete strangers were telling me how to run MY Tumblr account. Sadly, I complied because I wanted to keep the people who I appreciated happy. Back then, I did not realize that their actions could be deemed as somewhat abusive.

Eventually, 2013 came around and I started going to college. There were times that life got so hectic that I completely neglected my Tumblr and this resulted in dry spells without posts for a few months. By this point, many people who I followed and interacted with started to delete their accounts or just disappeared off the face of Tumblr without a warning. Additionally, I realized my initial spike in followers and gradual increase thereafter was most probably due to this and this when I googled my domain out of curiousity.

I always wanted to quit because I feel like things have changed. Tumblr is no longer how it used to be when I first fell in love with it. I hardly have anyone I keep in touch with on this site and I don’t have many blogs I can follow or reblog from as the times and trends have changed.

I feel like I should just revert this Tumblr back to how it used to be in 2010 and 2011. I think it’s about time I do things my way.

Anyways, to all my followers who have stuck around through thick and thin, I would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I embrace you for having accepted me for who I am. I really appreciate it. This Tumblr experience and journey would not have been possible without each and every single one of you.

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